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Our Team


Elyse Stoltz-Dickerson, Co-founder and CEO

Elyse Stoltz-Dickerson is the Co-founder and CEO of Eosera, Inc. For more than 15 years, she has worked as a leader in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, driving product innovation and commercialization of technologies around the globe. She has managed portfolios with annual revenues of $1.7 billion. An advocate for women in business, Elyse actively mentors young women who aspire for professional careers in healthcare and technology. She has also had success working change within organizations to improve gender equality.


Elyse is a member of Health Wildcatters in Dallas, Texas, where she serves as a mentor and investor. Among her numerous industry honors are The Trailblazer Brand Champion Award and The Women in Technology Award from The Dallas Business Journal. Recently, she won $50,000 as part of a business pitch competition sponsored by Comerica Bank.


Elyse is an inveterate athlete and has completed marathons, triathlons, and an Ironman. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Notre Dame, and she received her MBA from Southern Methodist University. Her professional development also includes a course of executive education at the Stagen Leadership Institute. Elyse’s life would not be complete without her husband, C.D. Dickerson, III and two children. She resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

Joe Griffin, Co-founder and CSO

Joe Griffin, Co-founder and CSO, has extensive experience in drug development, safety and clinical trial design. Following the completion of his PhD in Toxicology from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Joe spent 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry, serving in various capacities such as toxicology, medical affairs and global operations. He has designed and conducted more than 30 clinical trials and completed pre-clinical safety evaluations on many products that are currently marketed.

Joe has a passion for creating. He dedicates his professional life to creating novel healthcare treatments and dedicates his personal life to creating beautiful furniture & woodworking, which he generously shares with his friends and family. All of his creations have one goal in mind – bringing joy and happiness to others.

At his roots, Joe is a family man through and through. He shares his life with his wife, Shelia Griffin, and 2 children.


Melanie Morris, Marketing Manager

Melanie Morris is the Marketing Manager for Eosera, Inc., and is also responsible for developing and nurturing our company culture. Melanie has over 6 years of business development and entrepreneurial experience in both the public and private sectors. Her expertise includes non-profit creation and management, social impact companies, sales strategy and marketing techniques. She holds an MBA and MA in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University, and a BA in International Business from the University of North Texas.


Melanie has a heart for serving and working in underserved communities. She does this by using her business acumen and expertise of international relations to serve marginalized communities both abroad, and in her own backyard. Melanie’s work in this realm includes skills training programs, building small businesses, microfinance facilitation, girls education and consulting for nonprofit organizations working on the ground in these communities.


Melanie loves her family and friends, and loves the outdoors. In her free time or any time off work, you can almost bet you won’t find here in the states as she loves to travel and has been to over 20 countries in the last 8 years.