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How is Earwax MD different from other products?

Earwax MD sets itself apart from other products by delivering a safe and innovative dual action mechanism technology that is proven to be effective in 86% of patients in one treatment. While other products do nothing more than soften wax, and typically require multiple treatments per day for four days, Earwax MD dissolves earwax in a single treatment.

How can I prevent earwax impaction?

Earwax is naturally produced in the ear canal, and serves several biological purposes. Earwax protects our ears by trapping bugs, dust, hair, skin and dirt, and naturally works its way out of the ear canal (Ew!). In some cases, earwax can be overproduced, or pushed down into the canal by cotton swabs. Use Earwax MD to keep a clear and healthy ear canal.

What are the symptoms of earwax impaction?

Every patient is different, but some common symptoms of earwax impaction are:

Fullness of the ear

Temporary hearing loss




Itchy ear

Overall ear discomfort

Earwax MD is proven to alleviate common symptoms in earwax impaction. Click here to read our article, Innovations in Cerumen Removal, to review details of the clinical study.

How long will Earwax MD take?

Earwax MD was proven to be effective in 86% of patients in 15 to 30 minutes. Earwax MD is designed to be a quick, one time treatment. The majority of patients achieve full clearing in one 15-minute application, but for the super stubborn cases two 15-minute applications may be needed.

Should I be using cotton swabs?

Absolutely not. Cotton swabs are a primary cause of wax buildup and do very little to actually remove earwax. This is because when the swab is inserted into the ear, it pushes wax further down into the ear canal. This impaction of earwax caused by cotton swabs can lead to a number of different complications, including temporary hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus and fullness in the ear. It is recommended to use a washcloth to clean the outer part of the ear, and Earwax MD to remove built up earwax in the ear canal.

Should I be ear candling?

No! Ear candling is dangerous and has never been proven to be an effective means of clearing your ear canal. Ear candling can burn your tympanic membrane (eardrum) and your ear canal.

Is Earwax MD safe?

Yes, our clinical trial proves that Earwax MD is a safe method to remove earwax. Also, all of the ingredients in Earwax MD are safe and FDA approved.