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Earwax MD®

The Comfort of Clear.

Available at CVS Stores Nationwide

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Introducing Earwax MD®

earwaxmd-kit05Need something powerful to clean sticky wax buildup out of your ears? If so, Earwax MD is for you. Earwax MD is a safe product that has been clinically proven to dissolve and clean away unwanted earwax. It uses new, patented technology that works quickly!

Can you believe there has been little to no innovation in earwax removal drops since the 1960’s? Time to toss the antiquated solutions, and roll out something that really works! Believe it or not, earwax serves a purpose in your body and has many beneficial properties. However, it must be properly maintained in order to reap the full benefits and prevent problematic symptoms of impacted earwax. Read more below and subscribe to our blog to learn more!


Buy Now on Amazon!  

What is Earwax MD and Why Should I Use It?

It is a powerful and safe way to clean away earwax

Earwax MD is a safe and clinically proven way to dissolve earwax in one treatment of 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity of wax buildup. It is formulated with natural ingredients, which are safe and effective in the ear. Here at Eosera we are proud to say it’s the only formulation of its kind on the market!

It dissolves excess earwax and flushes out hard, dry wax buildup

After extensive research, the scientists at Eosera formulated Earwax MD with dual-action technology to help quickly dissolve excessive or impacted earwax, leaving the ear canal clean and clear. Read our article, Innovations in Cerumen Removal, to learn more about the research and development of Earwax MD.

Hearing aids work more effectively when ears are clear

If you use hearing aids, you know all about the dreaded trip to and from the hearing aid center, just to get your hearing aids cleaned. Earwax buildup can contribute immensely to malfunctions in the hearing aid, as wax can clog the hearing aid and reduce its effectiveness. Use Earwax MD to help clean away earwax and ensure a clear ear for greatest optimization of hearing aid use. For more information on how to properly care for your hearing aid, CLICK HERE.

It saves a trip to the doctor’s office

Don’t want to waste your day at the doctor’s office again, just so the doctor can dig out some earwax? Use Earwax MD at home instead and get the same clean ears, in less time, and without the uncomfortable poking and prodding of a curette!

It is an easy-to-use, at-home treatment

Earwax MD is easy to use – we made sure of it! Just follow the directions on the box and you’ll be done in about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity of earwax buildup.

No curette needed for extraction

If you didn’t already know, a curette is the sometimes painful rod doctors use to manually remove earwax. Ouch! Avoid the potential pain of a curette by using Earwax MD.

Did you know?

Eosear | EarWax MDWearing headphones creates a great habitat for bacteria. In just an hour of wearing headphones, the number of bacteria in your ear increases by 700 times.