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What Causes Earwax Impaction? 

Hey You, Drop the Cotton Swab…

woman-with-q-tipEarwax impaction often creeps up on us when we are least expecting it! Let’s face it, we all have earwax and sometimes we just want to do a quick clean. Therefore, we feel compelled to use a cotton swab, bobby pin or even car keys to scrape out unwanted wax. The problem is, not only are these methods ineffective, but they actually make the problem worse!

When Earwax Removal Attempts Backfire…

In an attempt to remove earwax with one of these objects, we are actually pushing the wax further into the ear, gradually leading to impaction. Not only that, but sticking foreign objects into your ear can actually puncture the eardrum, break bones behind the ear and a number of other scary things. Catch my drift? For the more stubborn readers, let me put it this way, leave your keys in the ignition and use Earwax MD for safe earwax removal. Head over to our blog to learn more about the dangers of alternate earwax removal methods.

Did you know?

kid-scientistYour earwax can tell you about your sweat. Light, flakey earwax means your body naturally produces less odor. Dark and sticky earwax, however, means you’ll want to keep deodorant handy.